The numbers Rhode Island lottery

The numbers are like the perfect complement for the rhode island lottery, if you want to participate in the numbers correctly, you have to take into account some things of great importance.

Many times it is not so easy to know what are the main characteristics of a lottery but today we will talk about some combinations to win a prize and above all how to participate in the numbers rhode island lottery in the right way.

You can see that there are many things to take into account before participating in any sweepstakes, generally you could see the information that everyone knows, that's why we recommend to do some research before making a play of any sweepstakes.

How to play the numbers Rhode Island

As you are interested in learning how to play the numbers, today we will tell you the basic steps so that you can participate correctly.

The first thing you should know is that you must make a selection of 4 numbers between 0 and 9, the value of your bolero can be $0.5, $1 or $5.

If you want to play for 7 or 30 days in a row you just have to check the corresponding box and the ticket will be valid for those days, the price will be the result of the value of the play multiplied by the days.

The Numbers Midday

The Numbers Midday

Monday 25 Oct 2021
The Numbers Evening

The Numbers Evening

Monday 25 Oct 2021

Prizes the numbers Rhode Island

Before we give you some combinations with which you can win a prize, it is good to know that if you win a prize of $599 or more you must collect it at the main lottery headquarters.

In the following list we will only tell you the prizes you can win if your ticket has a value of $0.5.

We start with straight, the order must be exact, if you only have 2 numbers your prize is $25, with 3 numbers you win $250 and with 4 correct numbers you get a prize of $2,500.

With 3 digit boxes you can win in any order, for example, if you play 2 different numbers and your ticket is 122 you get a prize of $83.

If you only get all the winning numbers to be different like 123 your prize to win will be $42.